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Indian Seed Dealer Information in Visnagar Area, Mahesana District and , Gujarat state in India

Serial NoDealer nameAddress
1Agri Bussiness CenterKamana
2Agro Service CenterVisnagar
3Ambika FertilizersVisnagar
4Amrut Seeds & PesticideVisnagar
5Arbuda Beej NigamVisnagar
6Ashapuri tredersPaladi
7Bajipura Seva Sah.M.LtdBajipura
8Bakarpur Seva.Sah.M.LtdBakarpur
9Balram Agro CenterUmata
10Balvanti Agro CenterUmata
11Bhoomi Beej CenterVisnagar
12Bhoomi Beej NigamVisnagar
13Bokarvada Seva.Sah.M.LtdBokarvada
14Dadhiyal Seva.Sah.M.LtdDadhiyal
15Dadhiyal Telibiya Utpa.Sah.M.LtdDadhiyal
16Dax Agro CenterUmata
17Denap Seva.Sah.M.LtdDenap
18Dharati Beej NigamSavala
19Dhee Kada Darvaja Seva.Sah.MVisnagar
20Dhee Laxmipura Seva.Sah.M.LtdLaxmipura
21Dhee Saduthala Seva.Sah.M.LtdSaduthala
22Dhee Udalpur Juth.Seva.Sah.M.LtUdalpur
23Dhee Valam Juth Seva.Sah.M.LtdValam
24G.S.S.C. DepoVisnagar
25Ganesh FertilizersVisnagar
26Ganeshpura(tarabh) Seva.Sah.MGaneshpura
27Ganpati Beej KendraVisnagar
28Ghagharet Seva.Sah.M.LtdGhagharet
29Gujarat Krushi Beej NigamVisnagar
30Gunja Juth Telibiya Utpa.Sah.M.LtdGunja
31Hardik Agro CenterVadu
32Hari Om Beej KendraVisnagar
33Harsiddh FertilizersVisnagar
34Harssiddh Beej BhandarVisnagar
35Jay Agro Service CenterVisnagar
36Jay Goga Agro CenterKansa
37Jay Kisan Beej KendraVisnagar
38Jay kisan Beej KendraDenap
39Jayoti Agro Bio-Tech.Visnagar
40Jetalvasna Vi.Ka.Sah.M.LtdJetalvasna
41K.Pashabhai PatelVisnagar
42Kadi Seva.Sah.M.LtdKadi-2
43Kadi Seva.Sah.M.LtdKadi-1
44Kamalpur (khe) Seva.Sah.M.LtdKamalpur
45Kamalpur Seva.Sah.M.LtdKamalpur
46Kansa Seva.Sah.M.LtdKansa
47Kansarakooi Juth Teli.Utpa.Sah.Kansarakooi
48Kansarakooi Seva.Sah.M.LtdKansarakooi
49Katariya SeedsVisnagar
50Katariya SellsVisnagar
51Kendra Incharge khedut Sahay K.Visnagar
52Khadalpur Seva.Sah.M.LtdKhadalpur
53Khedut Beej NigamVisnagar
54Khedut Sahay KendraVisnagar
55Khodiyar Ferti. & AgroVisnagar
56Lachhadi Seva Sah.M.LtdLachhadi
57Laxmi Beej NigamVisnagar
58Laxmi Beej NigamVisnagar
59Ma Krupa FertilizersKada
60Magroda Juth Telibiya Utpa.Sah.MMagroda
61Meladi FertilizersUdalpur
62Narayan Agro CenterVisnagar
63New Shivbaba Kisan Seva. Kend.Valam
64Parmar Natvarbhai HarjibhaiVisnagar
65Pratixa FertilizersGhagharet
66Rakesh FertilizersVisnagar
67Ralisana Seva.Sah.M.LtdRalisana
68Ram Krushn FertilizersKamana
69Rangakooi Seva.Sah.M.LtdRangakooi
70Roshani Beej KendraVisnagar
71Sahkar Beej BhandarDenap
72Sanjay FertilizersVisnagar
73Sanjivani Seeds & PesticideVisnagar
74Sardar Beej NigamVisnagar
75Shree Ambika CenterVisnagar
76Shree Dipak FertilizersKuvasana
77Shree Kansa Seva.Sah.M.LtdKansa
78Shree Keshar Bhavani Agro CenterJetalvasna
79Shree Khandosan Seva.Sah.M.LtdKhandosan
80Shree Khandosan Teli.Utpa.Sah.MKhandosan
81Shree Krushi Biya & Gramo.Sah.MVisnagar
82Shree Paladi Seva Sah.M.LtdPaladi
83Shree Puranpura Vi.Kary.Seva.SPuranpura
84Shree Rangakooi Juth Teli.Utpa.S.Rangakooi
85Shree Shakha Naher-2 Sinchai S.Visnagar
86Shree Sophal Ferti. & AgroVisnagar
87Shree Thalota Seva.Sah.M.LtdThalota
88Shree Vadu Khedut Seva Sah.M.Vadu
89Shree Valam Khedut Seva.Sah.MValam
90Shree Vansanta FertilizersVisnagar
91Shree Varahee Agro CenterBokarwada
92Shubh Laxmi SeedsVisnagar
93Siddheshvar Beej NigamKansa
94Siddheshvari Agro CenterVadu
95Siddhi PesticideKansarakooi
96Suleshvari SeedsVisnagar
97Sunshi Seva Sah.M.LtdSunshi
98Tarabh Telibiya Utpa Sah.M.LtdTarabh
99Thalota Piyat Sah.M.LtdThalota
100Tiroopati FertilizersVisnagar
101Uma Beej NigamVisnagar
102Umiya AgroJetalvasna
103Umiya Beej NigamVisnagar
104Urmi Agro SeedsVisnagar
105Veer Krupa FertilizersVisnagar
106Veerkrupa tredingJetalvasna
107Vikas Agro CenterUmata
108Visnagar Juth Vi.Ka.Sah.M.LtdVisnagar
109Visnagar Ta.Kha.Ve.Sangh LtdVisnagar
110Yogeshvar Agro CenterUdalpur
111Yogeshvar FertilizersRalisana

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