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Indian Pesticide Dealers Information

Pesticide Dealers in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Serial NoDistrictArea Dealers
1West GodavariAchanta26
2West GodavariAkividu29
3West GodavariAttili25
4West GodavariBhimadole32
5West GodavariBhimavaram33
6West GodavariButtayagudem8
7West GodavariChagallu19
8West GodavariChintalapudi34
9West GodavariDenduluru34
10West GodavariDevarapalle21
11West GodavariDwarakatirumala30
12West GodavariElamanchili19
13West GodavariEluru40
14West GodavariGanapavaram43
15West GodavariGopalapuram8
16West GodavariIragavaram32
17West GodavariJangareddigudem60
18West GodavariJeelugumilli3
19West GodavariKalla22
20West GodavariKamavarapukota27
21West GodavariKovvur21
22West GodavariKoyyalagudem38
23West GodavariKukkunur7
24West GodavariLingapalem30
25West GodavariMogalthur8
26West GodavariNallajerla39
27West GodavariNarsapur28
28West GodavariNidadavole26
29West GodavariNidamarru24
30West GodavariPalacole30
31West GodavariPalakoderu21
32West GodavariPedapadu23
33West GodavariPedavegi22
34West GodavariPentapadu42
35West GodavariPenugonda44
36West GodavariPenumantra23
37West GodavariPeravali30
38West GodavariPoduru27
39West GodavariPolavaram13
40West GodavariTNarasapuram17
41West GodavariTadepalligudem138
42West GodavariTanuku46
43West GodavariThallapudi23
44West GodavariUndi26
45West GodavariUndrajavaram28
46West GodavariUnguturu62
47West GodavariVeeravasaram46
48West GodavariVelairpad7

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