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Recommended Pest Control for Wheat

Product Name Pest/Desease/Weed Name AI Formulation Diluted in Water Waiting Period
Methabenzthiazuron 70% WPChenopodium Spp0.7-0.87 kg1.0-1.25 kg.700-1000100
Clodinafop Propargyl 15% + Metsulfuron Methyl 1% WPConvolvulus Arvensis60+4400375 (Add 1250 ml surfactant at the time of sparying)100
Metribuzin 70% WPChenopodium SppMedium soil-0.175kg0.25 kg500-750120
Triasulfuron 20% WSMedicago Denticulata2010050081
Mcpa, Amine Salt 40% WSCCarthamus Oxyacantha1.0 kg2.5300-600