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Indian Seed Dealer Information in Madhya Pradesh

Serial NoStateDistrict Dealers
1Madhya PradeshAlirajpur58
2Madhya PradeshAnuppur89
3Madhya PradeshAshoknagar37
4Madhya PradeshBalaghat21
5Madhya PradeshBarwani227
6Madhya PradeshBetul233
7Madhya PradeshBhind92
8Madhya PradeshBhopal40
9Madhya PradeshBurhanpur21
10Madhya PradeshChhatarpur181
11Madhya PradeshChhindwara567
12Madhya PradeshDamoh114
13Madhya PradeshDatia32
14Madhya PradeshDewas250
15Madhya PradeshDhar270
16Madhya PradeshDindori29
17Madhya PradeshEast Nimar579
18Madhya PradeshGuna56
19Madhya PradeshGwalior201
20Madhya PradeshHarda185
21Madhya PradeshHoshangabad172
22Madhya PradeshIndore459
23Madhya PradeshJabalpur44
24Madhya PradeshJhabua266
25Madhya PradeshKatni108
26Madhya PradeshMandla63
27Madhya PradeshMandsaur155
28Madhya PradeshMorena537
29Madhya PradeshNarsimpur25
30Madhya PradeshNeemuch232
31Madhya PradeshPanna6
32Madhya PradeshRaisen46
33Madhya PradeshRajgarh69
34Madhya PradeshRatlam438
35Madhya PradeshRewa338
36Madhya PradeshSagar106
37Madhya PradeshSehore231
38Madhya PradeshSeoni332
39Madhya PradeshShahdol60
40Madhya PradeshShajapur61
41Madhya PradeshSheopur Kala36
42Madhya PradeshShivpuri19
43Madhya PradeshSidhi37
44Madhya PradeshSingrauli34
45Madhya PradeshTikamgarh99
46Madhya PradeshUjjain209
47Madhya PradeshUmaria45
48Madhya PradeshVidisha198
49Madhya PradeshWest Nimar1,119

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