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Indian Pesticide Dealers Information

Pesticide Dealers in Veldurthy Area, Guntur District and , Andhra Pradesh state in India

Serial NoDealer nameAddress
1Ajai Traders2-4, Main Road, Near Ramalayam
2Aksha TradersD No 2-98, Main Road
3Amareswara Fertilizers4-56, Patlaveedu Road
4Anil Agro Agencies1-21, Panchayat Office Line, Main Road
5Anjali Traders4-44, Main Road, Bus Stop Centre
6Anjaneya Fertilizers3-26/A, Near Ammavari Temple, Main Road
7Annapurneswara Fertilizers3-246, Patlaveedu Road
8Ayyappa FertilisersD No 1-145, Near Bose Statue
9Bala Siva Teja Traders2-101/A, Chintavari Bazar
10Bala Vamsi Traders3-9, Vuragunta Bazar
11Balaji Agro ChemicalsD No 4-151/A, Nadimi Bazar
12Balaji FertilizersC-129, Munsub Gari Bazar
13Balaji Traders8-3, Main Road
14Devi Madhu Priya TradersC-29, Peda Matha Bazar
15Dhanalakshmi Agro Agencies2-108, Mallaiah Bavi Bazar
16Dhanalakshmi Fertilizers3-243, Patlaveedu Road, Near Ramalayam
17Gowtham Traders1/34, Main Road
18Hanuman Traders3-79(1), Sri Saialam Road, Near Bus Stop
19Jagan Traders3-131, Near Anjaneya Swamy Temple
20Kodandarama FertilisersD No 1-53, Bandala Bazar
21Lakshmi Ganapathi AgrosD No 3-128, NEar YSR Statue
22Lakshmi Narayana Traders4-115(B), Main Road, Brahmamgari Bazar
23Lakshmi Srinivasa TradersD No 7-122, China Satram
24Lakshmi Srinivasa Traders7-122, Main Road, Opp. Chinna Satram
25Lakshmi Srinivasa Traders8-38, Thurpu Bazar, Near Ramalayam Temple
26Maheswari TradersD No 3-11, China Gunta Bazar
27Manikanta Traders1-43, Main Road
28Maruthi Agencies4-92, Main Road, Devi Reddy Bazar
29Maruthi Agro Agencies2-224,Vurugunta Bazar, Near Anjaneya Swamy Temple
30Nagarjuna TradersD No 1-182, Near Mahalakshmamma Temple
31Pabbathi Anjaneya AgenciesD No 1-58/C, CHurch Bazar
32Pavan Sai Agencies4-98, Main Road
33Pavan Sai Agencies1-29, Main Road
34Rajyalakshmi Agencies3-83, Nadimi Bazar, Near Police Station
35Rama Lingeswara FertilisersD No 1-32, Near Ramalayam
36Sai Siva Fertilizers6-42, Satram Bazar
37Satyanarayana Traders4-5, Satram Bazar
38Shiridi Sai Agencies6-93, Main Road, Near Ramalayam
39Siva Nagendra Traders8-6, Main Road, Near Ramalayam Temple
40Siva Narayana FertilisersD No 1-224, main Bazar
41Siva Narayana Fertilizers1-224, Main Road, Main Bazar
42Siva nagendra AgenciesD No 3-25, Near Gantala Mahalakshmamma Temple
43Sri Amaralingeswara Traders4-29/A, Near Poleramma Temple
44Sri Amareswara FertilisersD No 4-46, Patlaveedu Road
45Sri Bala Nagendra AgrosD No 1-43, Near Bodrai
46Sri Balaji Fertilizers3-40, Main Road
47Sri Bhakta Markandeya AgenciesD NO 1-34A, Main Road
48Sri Ganga Bramarambhika Traders2-66, Gowda Bazar, 2nd Ward
49Sri Gayatri Traders3-81, Main Road, Nadimi Bazar, Near Old Police Station
50Sri Hari Hara Bala Nagendra Swamy FertilisersD No 3-63, Nadimi Bazar
51Sri Kodandarama Traders7-32, Loyapalli road
52Sri Krishna Sai TraderrD No 3-7, Mai nRoad
53Sri Lakshmi Agro Traders2-13, High School Road
54Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava AgenciesD No 1-73, Near Ramalayam
55Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava Agencies1-73(1), Ramalayam Street, Main Road
56Sri Lakshmi Durga FertilisersD No 7-10, mAin Road
57Sri Lakshmi Durga Fertilizers7-10, Main Road
58Sri Lakshmi Manideep Agencies1-146, Bosu Bomma Centre
59Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Agencies5-42, Main Road, Boddurai Centre
60Sri Lakshmi Prasannanjaneya Fertilizers3-54, Main Road, Main Bazar
61Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa AgenicesD No 1-86/2, Near Bodrai
62Sri Lakshmi Tirupathamma TradersD No 1-84, Near Peerla Chanviti
63Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Agenciesd No 2-10, Near Ramalayam Temple
64Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Traders2-10, Main Road, Near Ramalayam
65Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Traders1-38, Main Road
66Sri Manikanta Agro Agencies2-112, Main Road, Bodrai Bazar Centre
67Sri Manikata TradersD No 1-43, Main Road
68Sri Pavan Traders2-71,
69Sri Rama Fertilizers7-131, Main Road,Near Ramalayam Temple
70Sri Rama TradersD No 3-60, Near Pattabhirama Temple
71Sri Rama Traders1-53, Near Pattabhi Rama Temple
72Sri Sai Gayatri Fertilizers3-29, Main Road,Godavari bazar
73Sri Sai Nagarjuna Agencies3-135, Patlaveedu Road, Near Ramalayam
74Sri Sai Srinivasa Agencies3-15, Main Road, Bodrai Centre
75Sri Sainadha AgenciesD No 2-26, Main Bazar
76Sri Sambasiva FertilisersD No 4-110, mangamma Chenttu Centre
77Sri Santhi Agro Inputs2-25, Main Road
78Sri Satyanarayana TradersD No 1-77/A, Main Road
79Sri Satyannarayana Traders1-77A, Main Road, Anjaneyaswamy Temple
80Sri Seetha Rama Fertilizers3-6, Main Road
81Sri Siva Balaji TradersD No 2-95, mAi nRoad
82Sri Siva Balaji Traders2-95, Main Road, Behind Ramalayam
83Sri Srinivasa AgenciesD No 3-15 main Road
84Sri Srinivasa Agencies3-78,
85Sri Srinivasa TradersD No 3-93, Near Ramalayam
86Sri Srinivasa TradersD No 3-4, Main Road
87Sri Srinivasa Traders3-93, Near Ramalayam
88Sri Veera Brahmendra Traders2-26, Main Road
89Sri Venkata Lakshmi Fertilizers2-71, Ramalayam Temple Road
90Sri Venkata Lakshmi Traders7-107/A, Ramalayam Temple Street
91Sri Venkata Manikanta Traders1-40, Main Road, Mallaiah Bavi Bazar
92Sri Venkata Naga Lakshmi Traders4-28, Chinnagutta Bazar
93Sri Venkata Siva Traders3/255, Patlaveedu Road, Near Ramalayam Temple
94Sri Venkata Sivanjaneya TradersD No 1-95, Main Road
95Sri Venkateswara AgenciesD No 2-48, Near Ramalayam
96Sri Venkateswara AgenciesD No 1-190, Near Gandhi Statue
97Sri Venkateswara Agencies1-146, Main Road, Near Ramalayam
98Sri Venkateswara FertiliseresD No 4-40, Near water Tank Center
99Sri Venkateswara Fertilizers1-54, Main Road, Near Pattabhi Rama Swamy temple
100Sri Venkateswara Traders1-146, Main Road, Near Panchayati Office
101Sri Venkateswara Traders3-7, Main Road
102Sri Vigneswara TradersD No 3-85, Dhakshinam Bazar
103Sri Vigneswara TradersD No 4-65, Beside Ramalayam
104Sri Vijaya Lakshmi Traders3-75,
105Sri lakshmi Venkateswara TradersD No 1-38, Main Road
106Srinivasa Traders3-137, Patlaveedu Road, Opp. Govt. School
107Venkata Prasanna Traders31594
108Venkata Ramana Traders3-299, Chintavari Bazar
109Venkata Ramanjaneya Traders1-119/A, Main Road, Gantala Mahalakshmi Street
110Venkata Siva Traders3-128, Gantavari Bazar
111Venkata Veeranjaneya Traders1-135
112Visweswara Traders8-9/B, Main Bazar
113Vyshnavi Fertilizers4-84, Main Road, Puram Bazar
114sri kavya fertilisersD No 1-112, Opp Dongaramma Gudi
115sri naga bhavya agenciesD No 1-96, Main Road
116venkata Siva TradersD No 3-128, Ganta Vari Bazar
117venkata ramanjaneya tradersD No 1-119/A, Main Road

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