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Indian Pesticide Dealers Information

Pesticide Dealers in Karempudi Area, Guntur District and , Andhra Pradesh state in India

Serial NoDealer nameAddress
1A.P. Agro.Rythu Seva KendramMain Road,Karempudi
2Anjaneya PesticidesMain Road,Karempudi
3Coromandel International LTD,C/o,Mana Gromor1-82,Main Road,Karempudi
4Dhanalakshmi PesticidesMain Road,Miriyala
5Esta Kameswari Fertilizers & Pesticides3-169,
6Govindamma Pesticides4-90,Main Road,Bhattuvaripalli
7Gowri Shankar Traders3-104,Main Road, Chintapalli
8Jai Hanuman PesticidesMain Road,Petasannegandla
9Jai Kisan Seed Centre5-11-E
10Jayalakshmi PesticidesMain Road,Miriyala
11Lakshmi Durga Traders3/210/A2,Near Andhra Bank,Karempudi
12Lakshmi Ganapathi PesticidesMain Road,Karempudi
13Lakshmi Gayathri Traders2-182,Chavidi Centre, Chintapalli
14Lakshmi Narasimha Pesticides1-111,Main Road Chinnagarlapadu
15Lakshmi TradersMain Road,Chinnagarlapadu
16Lakshmi Uma Sankar TradersMain Road,Chintapalli
17Maheswara Trading CompanyMain Road,Karempudi
18Naga Lakshmi Narasimha Fertilizers1-162,Near Rama Temple,
19Nagalakshmi Narasimha Pesticides1-162,Main Road,Gadevaripalli
20Nagulumeeraa TradersMain Road,Chintapalli
21Neeraja Lakshmi Venkata Satyanarayana Commercial Corporation4-23/A1,Main Road Karempudi
22Raghavendra Pesticides4-23-1,Near Aandra Bank,Karempudi
23Raghavendra PesticidesMain Road,Kakanivaripalem
24Rama krishna PesticidesMain Road,Voppicharla
25RamaKrishna Pesticides5-11/D,Main Road,Karempudi
26Ramakrishna Traders3-215-1,Main Road,Karempudi
27Sai Krishna Traders3-215/7/1,Ghandi Street, Main Road,Karempudi
28Sai Lakshmi Pesticides5-3/E,Macharla Road, Karempudi
29Sai Rama CorporationMain Road,Voppicharla
30Samba Siva Pesticides6-74,Main Road,Kachavaram(V),Karempudi
31Sambasiva Fertilizers43528
32Sambasiva Pesticides4-104,Main Road,Kakanivaripalem
33Sri Bhavyasri PesticidesMain Road,Karempudi
34Sri Dhana Malleswara Traders6-66,Main Road Yerrapalem,Oppicharla
35Sri Gopala Krishna Pesticides6-61,Main Road,Yerrapalem,Oppicharla
36Sri Janikirama TradersMain Road, Miriyala
37Sri Lakshmi Anjana TradersMain Road,Karempudi
38Sri Lakshmi Ganesh TradersMain Road,Pedakodamagundla
39Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Traders1-108,Main Road,Oppicharla
40Sri Lakshmi Narasimha PesticidesMain Road,Petasannegandla
41Sri Lakshmi Narasimha TradersMain Road,Chinnagarlapadu
42Sri Lakshmi PesticidesMain Road,Kachavaram
43Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Fertilizers17168
44Sri Lakshmi Prasannanjaneya Pesticides1-122,Main Road Chintapalli
45Sri Lakshmi Sai Hanuman4-104/1,Chintapalli
46Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa Fertilizers2-167
47Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma AgenciesMain Road,Bhattuvaripalli
48Sri Malleswara Seeds& PesticidesMain Road, Karempudi
49Sri Mallikharjuna Traders2-33,Dachepalli Road,Karempudi
50Sri Mallikharjuna Traders3-95,Main Road,Oppicharla
51Sri Manikanta Pesticides5-10C,Main Road,Karempudi
52Sri Manikanta PesticidesMain Road,Miriyala
53Sri Naga Sai Ram Traders2-71,Near Ramalayam,Gadevaripalli
54Sri Rajalingeswara TradersMain Road,Vepakampalli
55Sri Ramanjaneya TradersMain Road,Voppicharla
56Sri Sai Manikanta PesticidesMain Road,Voppicharla
57Sri Sai Srinivasa PesticidesMain Road,Chinnagarlapadu
58Sri Sai Vigneswara Traders1-165,Main Road, Chintapalli
59Sri Satya Sai PesticidesMain Road,Karempudi
60Sri Seetha Ramanjaneya Traders7-565-A,Yerrapalem,Oppicharla
61Sri Siva Manikanta PesticidesMain Road,Inuparajupalli
62Sri Siva Teja PesticidesMain Road,Karempudi
63Sri Srinivasa Lakshmi Ganapati TradersMain Road,Bhattuvaripalli
64Sri Srinivasa PesticidesMain Road,Pedakodamagundla
65Sri Subramanyeswara PesticidesMain Road,Vepakampalli
66Sri Tirumala PesticidesMain Road,Pedakodamagundla
67Sri Uma Sankar Pesticides6-48,Main Road,Oppicharla
68Sri Uma Shankara PesticidesMain Road,Voppicharla
69Sri Venkata Lakshmi Ganapati PesticidesMain Road,Pedakodamagundla
70Sri Venkata Lakshmi Parvathi TradersMain Road,Petasannegandla
71Sri Venkata Sai Manikanta Traders4-13,Main Road,Chintapalli
72Sri Venkata Sai Sambasiva TradersMain Road, Voppicharla
73Sri Venkateswara PesticidesMain Road,Gadevaripalli
74Subrahmanyeswara TradersMain Road, Voppicharla
75Swathi Vijaya PesticidesMain Road,Chintapalli
76Uma Sankar PesticidesMain Road,Kakanivaripalem
77Venkata Sai Fertilizers1-22A
78Venkateswara Commercial Corporation3-214-3,Main Road,Karempudi
79Vinayaka PesticidesMain Road,Voppicharla

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