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NaPanta is an all-inclusive Kisan digital agricultural platform designed to assist farmers in vernacular language, right from soil preparation to market linkages covering 360° services in agriculture. With our real-time information in farmers’ hands, it empowers them to make informed decisions, with the result of reducing their crop expenditure by up to 30% and increasing their yield by up to 25%. NaPanta is being incubated by ICRISAT and supported by T-hub Hyderabad and has been recognised as one of the top 10 most innovative and high-potential startups in Telangana by Microsoft India.

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Localized And Farmer Friendly

"NaPanta” is a vernacular digital agricultural platform to address the Inefficiencies in pre-harvest management for residue free agri produce with superior market linkages across villages in India. NaPanta Digital Agricultural Platform is growing exponentially with a farmer base of 2,50,000+ since June 2017.

NaPanta Digital Agricultural platform will help the farmer for the following;

a.120+ Crops Conventional/Organic/Natural Crop Management.

b. 11,500+ Agri Forum Quetions for various crops
c. Daily updated 3,300+ Mandi Market Prices
d. 3000+ Pesticide Labelled Product info and comparison
e. Equipment Rentals/Sales
f. Market Linkage Connectivity
g. Free Localised Agro Advisory twice in a week
h. Crop Expenditure Analysis
i. voice Search and Voice type enabled platform
j. Crop Geo-Tagging
k. Agri E-Commerce for Quaity Inputs
l. Government Subsidy Loan Information to farmers etc.,


New Age Agri Analytics

We provide tools for decision-making that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agriculture. With live reporting, analysis, interpretation and insight that span across various districts in Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States in India.

Our unique Digital Agricultural platform is powered with real-time to predict trends for immediate agribusiness requirements. Real-time actionable insights enable farmers to take planned agri decisions with the reduced cost of operation, which results in high profitability.

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NaPanta Mobile App Snapshot

By using NaPanta, a farmer can access real time and dynamic information about crop management techniques, 120+ crops pest control, agri equipment rental, sale or buy, weather forecast, crop insurance, cold storage and related agri-dealer information of the farmer location. This free mobile application allows the farmers to track their expenses in an organized manner.

NaPanta Features

Specific NaPanta Services

Crop Protection: Crop Protection consists of complete information regarding complete pest, disease and weed management techniques for over 120+ crops with conventional, organic as well as natural farming methods. The Crop Protection feature provides crop process, suitable seed varieties, major insects, diseases, weeds, nutritional disorders, predators for various pest and trap crops. Which will provide complete guidance to a farmer right from seed sowing to market linkages.

Agri- E-Commerce: NaPanta digital agricultural platform introduced E-Commerce facility to provide quality agri input products such as crop protection, crop nutrition, farm machinery and other agri input products like organic seed treatment products, pheromone traps, mulching sheets, unique fertilizer products etc,. Each product consists of the description, method of application, dosage, price of the product and its composition. Safe online payment options such as google pay, paytm, UPI and much more are available for more ease and convenient online payment.

Weekly Agro Advisory: Weekly Agro Advisory gives the farmer to gain accurate insights for increasing the productivity of their crop. The information sourced and used in this feature is verified and from trusted organizations. The feature gives out advice on various crops such as do’s and don’ts for a crop in different locations for protecting and increasing your farm productivity.

The Crop Expenditure Analysis: The Crop Expenditure Analysis provides a farmer allows the user to keep track of their farm expenditure with simple entries and can have control over their farm expense. By geo-tagging the crop’s location, the farmer can avail weather updates tailored to their location and he can also access to the crop protection techniques, live agro advisory etc., to minimise the crop expenditure and maximise the yield.

NaPanta is keen to work with various agricultural stakeholders who would like to implement precision and digital agricultural technologies.

Free of Cost

For Farmers

  • Vernacular Language Support
  • 120+ Crops Pest Management
  • Personalized Crop Expenditure Analysis
  • Location Specific Crop Advisory
  • Product Market Linkage Support

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For FPOs

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Crop Monitoring for Farmers
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Market Linkage Services

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For Corporates

  • Multiple Admin Dashboards
  • Multiple User Logins
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Market Linkage Services

What Farmers Say

NaPanta Digital Agricultural Platform

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This free mobile application allows the farmers to track their expenses in
an organized manner.

Also the farmers can use the NaPanta for information about crop management
techniques, pest control, weather forecast, crop insurance, cold storage and
related agri-dealer information of the farmer location.

More than 2,50,000+ farmers loves this app for their farming needs.