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SUMITOMO-DANTOP (Clothianidin 50% WG)

Pesticide Product : SUMITOMO-DANTOP

Clothianidin 50% WG

SUMITOMO-DANTOP (Clothianidin 50% WG) Detailed usage and dosage information for different crops

Corp Name Disease Name Dosage/Ha Waiting Period (In Days)
AI (gm) Formulation (gm) Dilluted In Water (Ltr)
CottonWhite Fly20-2540-5050020
CottonWhite Fly100-125200-250100076
PaddyBrown Planthopper10-Dec20-2450012


It is a systemic insecticide which is highly effective against chewing and sucking insects. Crops are protected against insect damage by its quick knockdown and long residual action. Moreover, it has translaminar action that enables it to kill sucking insects like thrips that stay at the underside of leaves which ordinary systemic insecticides cannot control.


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