Pesticide Product Details about BASF-HEADLINE



Pyraclostrobin 20% WG

Headline fungicide is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide that delivers a high level of activity on more than 50 major diseases that can threaten yield and crop quality. Headline fungicide helps prevent diseases and provides protection for more than 90 crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat.

Pest - Diseases Controlled by BASF-HEADLINE

Corp Name Desease Name Dosage/Ha Waiting Period (In Days)
AI (gm) Formulation (gm) Dilluted In Water (Ltr)
GroundnutTikka Leaf Spot10050050029
SoybeanAlternaria Leaf Spot75-100375-50050026
CottonAlternaria Leaf Blight10050050014
TomatoEarly Blight75-100 gm375-500 gm5003
SoybeanFrog Eye Leaf Spot75-100375-50050026

Alternative Labelled Products available in India