Suggested usage by Difenoconazole 25% EC for Crops in India | NaPanta

Corp Name Desease Name Dosage/Ha Waiting Period (In Days)
AI (gm) Formulation (gm) Dilluted In Water (Ltr)
AppleScab0.004% or 4 g/100 lt. water0.015% or 15 ml/100 lt. waterAs required depending upon the size of the plant and plant protection equipment used14
ChilliesDie-Back Fruit Rot0.0125% or 12.5g/100 lt. water0.05% or 50 ml/100 lt. water50015
CuminBlight0.0125% or 12.5 g/100 lit. water0.05% or 50 ml/100 lit. water.50015
OnionPurple Blotch0.025% or 25 g/100 lit. water0.1% or 100 ml/100 lit. water.50020
PaddySheath Blight0.0125% or 12.5g/100 lt. water0.05% or 50 ml/100 lt. water500-1000 (or as per the size of plant canopy)25
GrapesFruit Rot0.0075% or 7.5 g/l00lit water0.03% or 30ml/100lit of water50042

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