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Fertilizer Dealers in Shabad Area, Ranga Reddy District and , Telangana state in India

Serial NoDealer nameAddress
1FARMERS NEEDS,FERTILIZERS,SEEDS AND PESTICIDESM/s Farmers Needs Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides D.No 6-43,Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
2M/S Sri Sai Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/S Sri Sai Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides D.No 12 & 13,PSR Complex, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
3M/s Balaji Seeds,Pesticides and FertilizersM/s Balaji Seeds,Pesticides and Fertilizers D.No 6-52, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
4M/s Chinnari krupa Seeds,Pesticides and FertilizersM/s Chinnari krupa Seeds,Pesticides and Fertilizers H.No 1-62 ,Manmarri,Shabad Mandal
5M/s Guru Raghavendra Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/s Guru Raghavendra Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides H.No2-48, Manmarri,Shabad Mandal
6M/s J K Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/s J K Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides H.No6-22,Shutter No 1,2 ,Nagrguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
7M/s Kisan Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/s Kisan Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides D.No 4-76, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
8M/s Maruthi Traders Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/s Maruthi Traders Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides D.No 6-13, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
9M/s New Maruthi SeedsM/s New Maruthi Seeds Plot No 1/A,Survey No 278, ,Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
10M/s PACS ShabadM/s PACS Shabad D.No 8-57,Shabad Village & Mandal
11M/s Pavani Seeds,Pesticides and FertilizersM/s Pavani Seeds,Pesticides and Fertilizers D.No 1 & 2,Shadnagar Road,Shabad Village & Mandal
12M/s Raghavendra Agro AgenciesM/s Raghavendra Agro Agencies D.No 3-82/6,Shabad Village & Mandal
13M/s Royal Fertilizers,Seeds and PesticidesM/s Royal Fertilizers,Seeds and Pesticides D.No 1-47,Hythabad,Shabad Mandal
14M/s Rythanna Seeds and PesticidesM/s Rythanna Seeds and Pesticides D.No7-39/A1, Shabad Village & Mandal
15M/s Sai Teja,Pesticides and FertilizersM/s Sai Teja,Pesticides and Fertilizers D.No2-70/1,Manmarri,Shabad Mandal
16M/s Sanjana TradersM/s Sanjana Traders D.No 7-19,Shadnagar Road,Shabad Village & Mandal
17M/s Sri Mahalaxmi TradersM/s Sri Mahalaxmi Traders D.No 6-22, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
18M/s Sri Mallikarjuna TradersM/s Sri Mallikarjuna Traders D.No 6-72,Shutter No 1, Nagarguda X Road,Thallapally,Shabad Mandal
19M/s Sri Venkateshwara Ferti izersM/s Sri Venkateshwara Fertilizers D.No 6-5/2,Shabad Village & Mandal
20M/s Sri Yogeshwara TradersM/s Sri Yogeshwara Traders H.No 3-25/3,Shabad Village & Mandal
21M/s Telangana Agro Rythu Seva KendramM/s Telangana Agro Rythu Seva Kendram H.No6-60,Shutter No B1,B2 & A2,Nagrguda X Road