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With our services, such as crop insurance, agri inputs, and tailored agro-advice for farmers and farmer producer organisations, NaPanta helps Indian small-holding farmers become smart farmers by allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their farm needs (FPOs).

Suggested usage by Anilofos 30% EC for Crops in India | NaPanta

Corp Name Disease Name Dosage/Ha Waiting Period (In Days)
AI (gm) Formulation (gm) Dilluted In Water (Ltr)
PaddyEchinochloa Colonum0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030
PaddyEchinochloa Colonum0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030
PaddyFimbristylis Spp0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030
PaddyMarsilea Quadrifolia0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030
PaddyIschaemum Rugosum0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030
PaddyCyperus Compestris Iria0.3-0.45 kg1-1.5 ltrs.375-50030

Anilofos 30% EC Labelled Products for agricultural usage in India


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