Pesticide Product Details about BAYER-RAFT



Oxadiargyl 6% EC

Works at the time of weed emergence as contact herbicide.

Pest - Diseases Controlled by BAYER-RAFT

Corp Name Desease Name Dosage/Ha Waiting Period (In Days)
AI (gm) Formulation (gm) Dilluted In Water (Ltr)
MustardMelilotus Spp90150050035
CuminMelilotus Indica60-75gm1.0-1.25 ltrs.50087
CuminCyperus Compestris Difformis60-75gm1.0-1.25 ltrs.50087
PaddyEchinochloa Colonum100gm1.66 ltrs50097
PaddyEchinochloa Colonum100gm1.66 ltrs50097
MustardChenopodium Spp90150050035

Alternative Labelled Products available in India